Sprinkler System Winterization and Spring Activation
  • Although sprinkler blow-outs are generally not necessary in our community, it is still necessary to winterize your system to prevent leaks, breaks and constly repairs. To ensure your system is fully protected during winter months, we utilize a multi-step process to remove water from your lines, turn off pressure, and prepare your sprinkler system for winter.
  • In the spring, we reverse above process and fully test every valve, every sprinkler head and every zone to ensure your system is leak-free and operating correctly.
  • If we find any problems during our spring or winter service, we will notify you and provide a price-quote for repair.
  • Backflow testing is not part of the spring activation service. 
Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair
  • 5-year warranty on all installations and repairs
Sprinkler System Design and Installation: Contact us for a Quote
  • Assess water needs and optimize current system or renovate your system with newest water saving technologies.
  • Installation of traditional and drip irrigation systems
Backflow Testing, Repair or Replacement: Contact us for a Quote
  • Backflow preventers ensure cross-contamination with drinking water does not occur.
  • Oregon Law requires yearly testing of all backflow preventers. It also requires testing upon installation, after a backflow incident, or if the device is moved or repaired. 
Residential Lawn Care
  • All lawn services include the following:
    • ​​​​​​​Mowing
    • Blowing of sidewalks, patios, driveways, etc.
    • Edging
    • Light pruning
    • Leaf removal
    • Adjustment and monitoring of sprinklers
    • Fertilization
    • Light trash removal 
  • Additional services offered:
    • Spring clean-up
    • Weeding
    • Pet waste collection and disposal
    • New sod or seeding

Commercial Lawn Care: Contact us for a Quote

Snow Removal: Contact us for a Quote