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Rainscapes Sprinkler and Landscape Testimonials:

Three years ago Rainscapes installed a sprinkler system for our backyard lawn with some additional hose bibs and a drip system for the shrubbery in our front yard and courtyard. Both systems are automatic and have been working fine since their installation. The front yard system was expanded by them when we added more shrubs. We appreciate Rainscapes’ Spring turn-on service; they have also been most accommodating when minor adjustments were required by either system. We will certainly use Rainscapes again if a new project arises and strongly recommend to anyone requiring a watering system.

~Hank & Pat Bielefeld

Jim and the entire staff of Rainscapes are dependable, professional, and highly competent. Rainscapes installed our watering system and has helped me maintain it for over 20 years. Thanks Rainscapes!!

~Randy Sprick

Jim Kiplinger, of Rainscapes, has been 100% on top of every aspect of my sprinkler needs - from design to installment, and many years of regular maintenance. I would recommend Rainscapes to anyone looking for superior service.

~Nancy Ellen Locke

We have been customers of Rainscapes for over 12 years and have received top notch service. Jim and his crew come out within 12 hours of a call and more often than not, will be there within the day of the call. Their service is of high quality and they stand behind all completed work. We have had our entire yard updated over the years and continue to seek their service regularly due to our Siberian Huskies. We have had two Huskies over these years, both of whom love to chew rainbirds and sprinkler heads. Rainscapes does not "bat an eye" when I call them to repair these benign projects. These service calls are as important to them, as a call to install a system. Actually, I think they like to play with our dogs.

Rainscapes is a wonderful company with employees who have been with the company for years. We highly recommend Rainscapes for your watering needs.

~Lisa DeHaas