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Sprinkler System Installations:

Sprinkler System Installations: Are you tired of dragging hoses around spending hours of your time just to keep your shrubs alive and your lawn green in the heat of summer? A new custom designed irrigation system for your property can protect your investment in plant material by providing efficient watering to all of your landscape whether your at home or away. Installed new irrigation systems in existing landscapes is one of our specialties. We take great pride and care to keep your existing landscape undamaged and intact while we install the irrigation components. We keep the site as neat and clean as possible during the installation process so your not tracking mud into your home. Sometimes we can lift shrubs & sod in the path of irrigation lines and quickly reinstall them after the underground work has been completed. The landscape recovers so quickly that you can’t even tell we were there. Whether it’s a new landscape from scratch or an existing older garden, we can install and efficient, custom system to meet all you landscape needs.